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yeahyeahyeahs's Journal

||first&official|| Yeah Yeah Yeahs community
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yeahyeahyeahs community

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YYY banner made by miss_t87

Rules (though these arent strictly enforced, they are certainly encouraged)
1. Share most things Yeah Yeah Yeahs things related.
2. Be courteous to other YYYs members.
3. No spamming. This means dont post your ugly graphics icon and then tell us to join your community. Chances are we wont, and everyone will make fun of you. (Sorry to be cruel, but we have to keep out the jerks. There are enough of us in here already.)
4. If it is irrelevant to YYYs, don't post it.
5. Posts like, "Oh my gosh they sold out" are not allowed. They are redundant and annoying.
6. In terms of chances, the rules are kind of loose. Depending on how bad your offenses are, we may warn you once, a few times, or not at all. It's best not to test your luck.
7. If you want YYYs images, dont ask us. Ask google.
8. If you want YYYs songs, either go here, find some filesharing program, or search for them online yourself. Don't make a post about it, or you risk getting banned.

Please note: If you join you dont have you introduce yourself. It is allowed just not necessary. If you choose to do so, try and be interesting. We don't need more useless posts.